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Breast Reduction In NYC

Breast Reduction In NYC

By Marc Everett MD

New York City Breast Reduction
Breast Augmentation NYC

Breast Reduction in NYC

When it comes to breast reduction, NYC-based Dr. Marc Everett offers exceptional results that can improve posture, eliminate pain, and provide the look - and confidence -- that you deserve. To learn more, contact our office to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.

Breast Augmentation NYC

When it comes to breast augmentation, NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Everett offers the expertise, experience, and passion that you need to achieve beautiful and natural-looking breasts. Get more confidence in your body and get the breasts you've always wanted. To learn more, contact our office to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.

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If you are interested in abdominoplasty, NYC-based Dr. Marc Everett offers exceptional results that can provide you with the look and confidence you deserve. To learn more, contact our office to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.

New York City Breast Reduction

Women come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, and so do their breasts. While there is a significant section of the population who dream of bigger breasts, there are many who wish their breasts were smaller and lighter. For those women, a breast reduction may be the best solution, offering fast results that will last a lifetime.

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that allows for the removal of surplus breast tissue resulting from macromastia, or excessively large breasts. Patients with macromastia may experience self-confidence issues, have a negative self-image and suffer from physical limitations that can affect their overall health. Breast reduction creates a more attractive and proportionate breast while helping to relieve the physical discomfort and emotional distress that many women with large breasts feel. 

If excessively large breasts are holding you back from living an active and happy lifestyle, it’s time to consider breast reduction surgery. Dr. Marc Everett of Marc Everett MD will work with you to achieve results that make you feel confident and beautiful and improve your quality of life. Dr. Everett offers a fresh perspective on modern aesthetic medicine, as well as a reputation for providing all patients with both personalized care and exceptional results. 

Don’t trust your body to just anybody. Work with the New York plastic surgeon with a passion for patient safety and a commitment to providing you with the best results. Dr. Everett has honed his surgical skills under the tutelage of some of the world’s most celebrated surgeons and continues to seek out the latest in breast surgery innovation and education so that you can be guaranteed to receive the most optimal care in the city. 

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to view our breast reduction gallery page to see some of Dr. Everett’s work, as well as to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery offers many benefits to patients, including:

  • Improved self-image and self-confidence
  • More balanced body proportions
  • Increased ability to exercise and be physically active
  • Expanded clothing options
  • Reduced bra strap indentations and skin irritation
  • Improved posture
  • Alleviated neck, shoulder and back pain

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

You may be a good candidate for a breast reduction if:

  • You are in good general health
  • You do not smoke
  • You are suffering from negative physical and mental effects due to overly large breasts
  • Your breasts are finished developing
  • You have realistic expectations of the outcome of the procedure

Dr. Everett will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure after an in-person evaluation.

NYC Breast Surgery: Reductions and Insurance

The cost of plastic surgery is something that many of our clients wonder about before they visit. Most health insurance plans do not cover elective procedures like cosmetic surgery. This means that no matter what the cost of your surgery is, you will likely need to pay out of pocket. There are some exceptions, however, and New York breast reduction surgery may be one.

In many cases, a breast reduction procedure alleviates unpleasant or painful symptoms that women experience as a result of having disproportionately large breasts. Consider the ways your breast size impacts your daily life and create a list that details how your breasts are problematic for your health and well-being. Women whose breasts are sizable enough to cause problems such as neck and shoulder pain, skin irritation or difficulty exercising may be eligible for breast reduction surgery that is partially or fully covered by their health insurance plan. It’s unlikely that your procedure will be covered if you have no symptoms and are seeking a breast reduction solely for cosmetic purposes.

If you aren’t sure whether your breasts are impacting your health, a visit with your primary care doctor for an exam can help bring any medical concerns to light. You must also communicate with your insurance company to obtain a list of the requirements that must be met before your breast reduction can be covered under your plan.

The Procedure

Breast reduction surgery in NYC begins with a consultation. During this initial meeting, Dr. Everett will explain the options available to you so that you may make informed decisions about your procedure. Multiple techniques can be utilized when performing breast reduction surgery. The method used for you will depend on the size of your breasts, the type of excess tissue present and your desired outcome.

The traditional or anchor incision technique requires three incisions: one around the areola within the natural texture of the skin, one extending vertically from the areola to the natural crease beneath the breast and one horizontally underneath the fold of the breast. This method maximizes the amount of tissue removal possible and can treat moderate to severe sagging.

The vertical or lollipop incision technique utilizes two of the incisions from the traditional technique but avoids the horizontal incision beneath the breast. This is a newer method that allows for mild to moderate tissue removal, meaning it is not the best option for all patients.

Liposuction is sometimes an option for breast reduction surgery. If the patient’s size can be attributed mostly to excess fat present in the breasts, then liposuction can be used to decrease breast size with minimal scarring. Small incisions are made in either the fold beneath the breast or the armpit.

Breast reduction is an outpatient surgery performed under general anesthesia. To begin the procedure, Dr. Everett will make incisions in the designated areas. The nipple will then be adjusted to place it in a more upright and centered location. If necessary, the areola will be reduced at this point. Dr. Everett will then remove excess skin and tissue and reshape the remaining tissue, ensuring symmetry between both breasts. The incisions will be sutured closed to complete the procedure.

Recovery & Results

Expect to rest for about 48 hours after your procedure. Common side effects include swelling, bruising, soreness, numbness and discomfort that can last two to three weeks. Some patients can return to work in one week, while others may need to wait two weeks before resuming their daily schedules. Plan to wear a sports bra for at least four weeks after your procedure. Underwire and push-up bras can harm your results and irritate your incisions while they heal. Dr. Everett will provide you with thorough postoperative instructions so you can ensure your body receives the care it needs to heal and deliver beautiful results.

Breast Reduction Results

Results will be noticeable right away and will continue to develop over the coming weeks. Swelling will make your breasts larger at first and they may temporarily appear asymmetrical if they heal at different rates. Final results are typically visible two to three months into recovery, although subtle changes in size can continue for up to one year. The scars will reach full maturity in about 12 to 18 months. Once your breasts have settled into their new size and shape, you can enjoy your size reduction — as well as improved self-confidence, relief from discomfort and a broader range of clothing options — well into the future.

Work with a Leading New York City Breast Surgeon

What makes Dr. Marc Everett the best breast reduction surgeon in NYC? It starts with his expertise and experience, as well as his compassion for every patient who walks through the doors of our office. No two women’s bodies are identical — which means breast reduction requires an artistic and detail-oriented approach in order to achieve results that are beautiful and balanced.

Dr. Everett is a proud member of New York’s surgical community, and is currently certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Candidate Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as a member of The Aesthetic Society’s Product Development & Market Research Committee and a reviewer for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Dr. Everett graduated at the top of his medical school class and completed residencies in New York and Philadelphia. He went on to hone his surgical skills in Houston under internationally-recognized surgeons at the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery endorsed fellowship. In the years since, Dr. Everett has consulted for the Marena Group, and has been invited to teach his innovative methods across the United States and internationally. Dr. Everett combines education, experience and finesse to help patients realize their aesthetic goals.

With a specialty in breast surgeries, Dr. Everett ensures that patients seeking a reduction are provided with all of the information that they need to make an informed decision for their health and feel confident about undergoing the procedure. Trust is an important part of the patient-surgeon relationship, and we always make sure that you are an active partner in choosing what’s right for your body.

Q&A with Dr. Marc Everett

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Good candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who are in good health, do not smoke, are suffering from negative physical and mental effects due to overly large breasts, and whose breasts are finished developing. We can better determine if you are a good candidate after an in-person evaluation.

Which incision technique is best for me?

We will discuss this with you in detail after performing an in-person evaluation. Not every option is available to each patient. Sometimes the best method for patients may not correlate with their desires for minimal scarring, but we always emphasize placing a priority on results and improved quality of life, rather than the presence of minor scarring. We will help you make an informed incision during this part of the process so that you can be satisfied with your results.

How long before I can go swimming or take a bath?

Once your surgical bandages have been removed, you are free to shower and get your incisions wet. However, you should refrain from submerging your breasts until your incisions have fully healed. Avoid swimming or taking a bath for at least three weeks following surgery.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can make breastfeeding more difficult later in life. Depending on the method used for the surgery, breastfeeding may not be an option for all patients following breast reduction. We will go over this with you more in-depth before your surgery and take every precaution necessary to both provide optimal results and retain your ability to breastfeed if possible.

How long will results last?

You can enjoy your size reduction following surgery well into the future. We only perform breast reduction after the patient’s breasts have stopped developing, so you will not need to worry about returning to your pre-surgery size. Pregnancy and weight gain can affect your results, however, since both can lead to an increase in breast size. We can discuss this in more detail during an initial consultation.

What kind of bra will I need to wear following surgery?

You should plan on wearing a sports bra for at least four weeks after your procedure. Underwire and push-up bras can harm your results and also irritate incisions while they heal. You should refrain from purchasing new and expensive bras until most of your swelling has diminished, around two or three months into your recovery.

Reclaim Your Life and Love Your Body Again

At Marc Everett MD, we know that breast reduction can be a life-changing procedure for women who struggle with the physical and mental weight of macromastia. We believe every woman should be able to feel comfortable and confident in her own body and we are here to assist you in reaching that goal. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marc Everett in Manhattan or Queens — you can reach us at 212-774-7715.

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