What is an Internal Bra Breast Lift and Reduction?

As this technique is quickly rising in popularity, patients are specifically seeking Dr. Marc Everett’s extensive experience with this procedure, performed for both breast lifts and reductions.

As a thought-leader in aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Marc Everett has pioneered an innovative technique to improve the results of the breast reduction, breast lift and implant revision breast surgery procedures. Dr. Everett is the first in New York, and has the largest experience of breast reductions performed with GalaFLEX Mesh scaffold used to create an internal bra. Using this biological mesh, Dr. Everett constructs a sling to suspend the breast tissue.  In the early post-operative period, this acts by alleviating the weight of the breast tissue (or implant) to separate the healing of the breast tissue from the healing of the skin envelope.  As time goes by, this fully absorbable biological mesh is replaced with a thin, but strong layer of tissue that acts as a hammock to continue to support the weight of the breast.  By acting as extra support for the breasts and breast implants, the internal bra procedure can help to maintain the position and fullness of the lifted breast.  

Below, we’ll break down this procedure and explain in greater detail what the internal bra is, how it’s performed, and how it can help rectify other surgical complications.

What is an Internal Bra?

An internal bra is used to describe a variety of surgical techniques in breast surgery that improve breast shape and stability using a mesh scaffold. Essentially, a piece of biological mesh is attached to a specific region of the breast with the intention of recreating one of the breast’s normal anatomical borders. Internal bra procedures seek to control breast position, shape, or implants by providing structural support to the breast internally. It is designed to internally support a women’s chest in the same way a push-up bra supports the chest externally.

The best candidates for an internal bra procedure include:

  • Women with extremely heavy breasts undergoing breast reduction
  • Massive weight loss patients undergoing breast reduction, breast lift or breast lift with implants
  • Women with breast implants who suffer from breast sagging over time
  • Women with stretched skin and deflated breast tissue after breastfeeding who may be unable to adequately support an implant
  • Women with breast implants who have experienced implant malposition or ”bottoming out.”

These patients do not have an implant added but the weight of their breast tissue even after breast reduction can still benefit from the support of a fully absorbable mesh sling.

GalaFLEX Mesh Internal Bra

Dr. Everett utilizes a GalaFLEX breast scaffolding to create an internal bra. This mesh creates a soft tissue reinforcement with a flexible and durable scaffold that helps tighten and lift the breast tissue. These scaffolds then encourage natural tissue growth that eventually reabsorbs the scaffold over a period of 12 to 18 months, leaving behind natural tissue to help continuously support against gravity to result in a firm breast silhouette.

What is “Bottoming Out”?

The internal bra procedure is one of the best ways to correct complications related to previous surgery with tissue weakening and skin stretching over time often referred to as “bottoming out”. 

These complications arise from implant pocket instability created by improper implant placement  and inappropriate selection of implant size. The result is a breast implant that drops too low after surgery, and appears as a breast with too much skin and volume beneath the nipple and not enough above.  In severe cases, this can cause the nipple to point upwards.  The internal bra technique tightens and strengthens the implant pocket so that the implant can be held in the correct position, providing a solution to these issues.

It is also possible to have “bottoming out” of a breast lift or breast reduction without an implant.  This occurs after surgery when the new breast fold is not reinforced enough to support the breast lift or breast reduction, as is often the case with “lollipop lifts.” It also happens when the skin envelope stretches too much as a result of the weight sitting upon it in the immediate postoperative period.

New Breast Reduction Techniques

The best results and lowest complication risk for breast reduction surgery demands for an expert in breast surgery. Dr. Marc Everett helped thousands of women achieve the lasting results they desire with his innovative and new breast reduction techniques. This includes the internal bra breast lift/breast scaffolding technique for breast reductions, as well as breast implant revisions.

As New York City’s premier breast reduction and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marc Everett is an innovator of the rapid recovery of breast reduction. He performs the breast reduction operation more than any other, and his techniques and care strategies are designed in such a way to result in spectacular outcomes with almost no care needed after surgery and minimal downtime.

Rediscover yourself with the best plastic surgery in NYC, and learn how Dr. Marc Everett can combine innovative approaches, cutting-edge techniques and a boundless pursuance of excellence to create a deeply fulfilling and safe transformative journey. Contact MEplasticsurgery today to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.

Women who desire lasting fullness and perkiness after breast reduction, breast lift and implant revision breast surgery may greatly benefit from an internal bra breast lift, also known as breast scaffolding.  

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