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A breast implant revision or removal operation is a cosmetic procedure wherein a patient’s breast implants are removed and replaced with new implants or just removed without replacement. Breast implants, whether they are silicone or saline-filled, are not meant to be lifetime devices and require replacement after a certain amount of time or under certain circumstances.

Some implant revision surgeries are performed to correct complications like capsular contracture or poor implant position leading to disappointing cosmetic outcomes. As times change, so does style and perceptions of gender identity and sometimes patients wish to remove their implants and change to a different size that better fits how they wish to appear today. Other patients may have signs or symptoms of SSBI and may find that implant removal is the beginning of their path to recovery.

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Dr. Marc Everett is a fellowship-trained and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Everett has developed a reputation as one of the premier breast surgeons in New York City. He tackles many cases of breast implant revision and is qualified to assist you in determining your cosmetic concerns to lead to better aesthetic outcomes. With locations in Manhattan and Queens, NY, Dr. Everett and his team will be happy to discuss your revision options to ensure you get the results you want. Contact us today by filling out this form. You may also call us directly at (212) 774-7715 to schedule your private consultation.

Breast revision surgery requires a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can help the patient identify the source of their concerns and determine if their desired outcome is realistic. As a board-certified and fellowship-trained New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Everett has the training and experience necessary to respond to even the most challenging cases. Contact Dr. Everett and his enhancement team today to restore confidence in your appearance.

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About Breast Implant Revision or Removal Surgery

Some patients are dissatisfied with their cosmetic outcome after their breast augmentation. As well as being frustrating, this can cause them to be self-conscious and unhappy with their bodies as a whole, which can impact their overall quality of life. Breast implant revision encompasses a range of techniques and procedures designed to correct various issues that may arise following initial breast enhancement. A secondary breast surgery can improve the following attributes that a primary surgery sometimes causes: (1)

  • Asymmetry
  • Problems with projection, size, and shape
  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant rupture, shifting, or incorrect initial placement
  • Rippling and scarring
  • Implant migration
  • Breast changes after pregnancy or significant weight change
  • Sagging, loss of upper-pole volume
  • The patient wants to switch to a different type or size of implant
  • Explantation (patient wants to remove breast implants altogether)

A breast implant revision can look very similar to your first breast augmentation surgery, and each procedure is customized to fit the patient’s needs. Dr. Everett will evaluate your breasts and determine the best method to achieve the look you desire. Cosmetic outcome and your overall health are the most important part of the process, so he will do everything in his power to help you achieve the best possible outcome this time around.

Breast Implant Removal (Explantation)

Explantation, or complete removal of the breast implants, is sometimes necessary to address health concerns. Formerly referred to as breast implant illness (BII), Systemic Symptoms Associated With Breast Implants (SSBI) presents in a small percentage of patients with breast implants. This condition can look like sudden auto-immune disease development, increased fatigue and anxiety, and skeletal or nervous system dysfunction. (2)

Studies have shown that patients experiencing SSBI who undergo explantation see a significant reduction in their symptoms. For patients with SSBI, total implant removal can significantly improve their quality of life and their comfort. If you are experiencing this condition, and you do not have any underlying auto-immune diseases that may be causing the symptoms you are experiencing, explantation is the best option for you. (3)


During a total breast implant removal, whether for capsular contraction or SSBI, a capsulectomy is necessary. When a patient develops capsular contracture, a build-up of excess scar tissue surrounding the implant causes painful symptoms, asymmetry and improper implant position. Breast implant revision surgeries often include a capsulectomy to remove as much of this tissue as possible, whether the patient is replacing their implants or not. (3)

Benefits of Breast Implant Revision or Removal

There are many benefits to removing and/or replacing your breast implants, including the improvement or complete reduction of implant-related symptoms. As the body ages, tissue changes, and implant position changes can alter breast appearance. When a patient has had breast implants for a long time, they may find themselves wanting a new shape, different size, or another type of implant. Replacing your implants can improve breast shape and give you back the balanced, youthful contour you had before. Those patients who are considering that they might have signs and symptoms of SSBI should discuss with Dr. Everett the potential benefits of removing their implants.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for breast implant revision surgery are unhappy with their previous breast augmentation results. Candidates may have complications from their current implants, in either one or both breasts. As with any surgical procedure, you must be in good overall health, both physically and mentally, and a non-smoker. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you must wait until this is complete before undergoing implant revision surgery.

Since this procedure aims to correct cosmetic and systemic concerns from prior surgery, it is important to discuss with Dr. Everett what the goals of your treatment may be in order for Dr. Everett to help you understand which expectations are reasonable to achieve. To discuss breast implant revision surgery with us further, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Everett. This is the best possible way to ensure this surgery is right for you.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Everett

During your consultation with Dr. Everett, he will perform a detailed examination of your breasts to determine exactly what your concerns and desires are, and a treatment plan to address them. This meeting allows him to plan your surgery accordingly to ensure your outcome will be optimal. It is imperative that you are as candid as possible during your consultation, and are ready to give him information on your primary breast surgery, your current health and medical history, and your current medications. In some cases, Dr. Everett may order breast imaging with an ultrasound or a mammogram to determine what might be happening within the breast. This may assist with diagnosis and to formulate a proper treatment plan.


As was the case with the original surgery, to best prepare for implant revision surgery, patients should refrain from smoking and avoid alcohol consumption. Follow all pre-operative instructions provided by Dr. Everett. This may involve fasting before surgery or avoiding certain medications or supplements that could interfere with the procedure or recovery process. Plan for transportation to and from our surgical facility, as you will not be able to drive yourself after the procedure due to the effects of the anesthesia. Having someone accompany you during this time provides support and reassurance. Adhering to these instructions is crucial for ensuring a smooth and safe surgery.

Breast Implant Revision Procedure

Breast implant revision is an outpatient procedure and is performed at our surgical center with the use of general anesthesia. Since there are multiple reasons to undergo breast implant revision surgery, there are many possible approaches that Dr. Everett can implement.

Depending on your specific situation, he can reposition the initial implant pocket, revise the position of the nipples, remove and replace the previous breast implants, remove scar tissue to correct capsular contracture, reconstruct or reinforce the breast fold, support the implant with absorbable mesh (internal bra procedure) and much more. After making the necessary incisions, he performs the surgery according to his detailed procedure plan to achieve your cosmetic goals with as minimal scarring as necessary to accomplish your goals. This may involve the use of your previous breast augmentation scars to provide optimized revision without creating new scarring or could require additional scars, which would always be discussed with you ahead of surgery


Most patients experience a similar recovery to that of their initial breast augmentation surgery. In many cases, it would be easier but in some cases when additional procedures like a breast lift is performed, the experience would be different. Expect a certain degree of post-operative discomfort, accompanied by some swelling and bruising. Dr. Everett will prescribe pain medication to help you manage this, and any later discomfort can be controlled with over-the-counter medication.

We will ask you to wear a surgical compression bra during your recovery. This should be worn at all times to support your new chest contour and control excessive swelling. Dr. Everett will advise you on when it is safe to switch to a sports bra or a garment without underwiring to protect your incisions.

Most patients take around 7 days off of work after a breast implant revision. You should avoid strenuous activity for 4 to 6 weeks. Your incisions will appear to be pink and raised slightly as they heal. As time passes through the first year, your scars will start to fade and become flush with the surrounding skin, and your new implants will settle into their final position.


Right after your procedure, your breasts may sit much higher than you may have anticipated. They will settle with time, becoming softer and much more mobile over the first few months. These results usually last a long time. If another problem occurs, or your breast shape changes due to lifestyle changes, you may consider another revision to enhance their shape and return them to a more youthful contour.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

If you are to choose to remove your implants without replacing them with new ones, or are downsizing to a much smaller implant size, you may require additional procedures such as a breast lift in order to create a beautiful breast shape. Whether you need a breast lift or not, a fat transfer to the breasts procedure can replace the volume lost when the implant is removed.

Breast Lift

During a breast lift procedure, Dr. Everett can correct low nipples that are pointing downward, breast asymmetry, large areolas, and flat or elongated breasts that may occur with the removal of your implants to improve your overall breast contour. This surgery can be easily combined with breast implant revision and breast augmentation, so it can be performed after a new implant is placed. Sometimes if you choose to remove a large implant and replace it with a very small one, you may have to combine this with a breast lift to remove the extra skin that was stretched out by the first implant procedure. Dr, Everett can explain the process and assess if this procedure can improve your results during your private consultation.

Fat Transfer to the Breast

Breast fat transfer is a procedure in which Dr. Everett uses liposuction to remove fat deposits from other areas of the body and then injects it into the breasts after it has been cleaned and prepared. This procedure works in a two-fold fashion, allowing the patient to contour and remove fat from troublesome areas like the abdomen, thighs, or flanks, as well as add volume and shape to the breasts.

After implant removal, in order to provide additional volume to the breasts, some patients might opt for fat transfer instead of implant replacement, as this surgery can avoid the recurrence of implant-related complications such as capsular contracture, improper implant position or SSBI. It is important to remember, however, that breast fat transfer usually results in more natural-looking, less dramatic results than implant-based augmentation.

How Much Does Breast Implant Revision Cost in New York?

The cost breakdown of a breast implant revision is dependent on each patient’s individual circumstances. A patient who is looking to remove their implants and not replace them with new ones or fat transfer will receive a different treatment plan than someone who is increasing the size of their implants. This affects the time spent on the surgery, materials needed, and many other factors that play into the total cost.

To receive an estimate, schedule your consultation with Dr. Everett today by calling (212) 774-7715, or fill out our convenient form to get in touch with us today.


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Breast implants should make you feel confident and beautiful. Yet even with advanced techniques and skillful execution, your breast augmentation procedure may end in an unsatisfactory outcome that has exactly the opposite effect. Breast revision surgery with Dr. Marc Everett can restore a shapely appearance to your breasts for your continued health and happiness. Dr. Everett has proudly devoted his career to helping patients in New York City, the Tri-State Area and beyond look and feel amazing.Request a consultation onlineor call212-774-7715to get started.